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Pro Athlete Services

Pro Athlete Services

MainStreet Financial Services helps professional athletes prepare for life after sports. Our team of financial professionals assists athletes by putting their money to work for them now and in the future. Their post-career life can be just as prosperous if the necessary steps and planning are started immediately.

At MainStreet we focus on three areas for the Professional Athlete:

1. Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters. Without this understanding, you are at risk of making poor financial decisions that can have adverse effects on your financial health.

2. Financial Discipline

Taking corrective action, analyzing variations and proper planning with clear objectives are all important aspects of financial discipline. At MainStreet it is our mission to help the Professional Athlete persevere on the journey to financial success.

3. Financial Security

The Financial Professionals at MainStreet understand that the career outlook of a Professional Athlete can change in the blink of an eye. While we cannot forecast injuries, we will work as a team with the athlete's lawyer, accountant and agent to achieve financial security once his/her career ends.

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