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Wealth Strategies

Our philosophy for managing wealth is not about quick fixes for the short term.  Instead, we believe in long term solutions that focus on a personalized, comprehensive financial plan to achieve the best results over time.  As a Platinum Firm within Equitable Advisors, we are given access to extensive investment research from LPL Financial and other valuable resources that can help you address all aspects of your financial life.

LPL Financial, member FINRA, SIPC, is the clearing broker-dealer for Equitable Advisors, LLC and they are not affiliated.

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Benefits Consulting

MainStreet Financial understands that when it comes to benefits, every company and individual has different needs.  That is why we take a customized approach in preparing a variety of benefits packages and personalized insurance plans for both individuals and companies.  We add value to your organization by preparing attractive employee benefits packages that offer a broad range of options.

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Physician Services

As a physician you have a distinct disadvantage in meeting mid-life demands because of delayed entry into the workforce.  Doctors are generally challenged to pay down hefty student loan debt while making up for the earning time gap. You need professional financial advice to cover mid-life household expenses and avoid a major shortfall at retirement.  MainStreet Financial will help you develop detailed cash-flow plans, formulate strategies designed to maximize after-tax returns on your investments and review your progress along the way.  As retirement nears and you consider slowing down your career, we can provide education on the financial and tax implications.  We will take a customized approach to help you secure ample resources to achieve a comfortable retirement

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Risk Management

With decades of experience, MainStreet brings a vast array of risk management strategies.  Our knowledgeable professionals help guard against loss and are dedicated to preventing and/or minimizing the impact of unexpected events.  We work with you to identify areas of exposure, then we assess, prioritize and recommend customized solutions.

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Ohio ARP

MainStreet Financial Services is pleased to work with Equitable Financial Life Insurance Co. (NY, NY), a provider of the Ohio Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP). This plan offers an alternative to eligible employees of institutions of public higher education who have benefits under the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), School Employees Retirement System (SERS), or State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). We can help you build the retirement assets you need to retire comfortably and confidently, with flexible plans that offer full and immediate vesting of all your contributions. We can also assist you with supplemental retirement options such as 403(b), 457(b) and others.

(Equitable Advisors, its affiliates and financial professionals are not associated or affiliated with Ohio ARP, PERS, SERS or STRS.)

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Pro Athlete Services

As a professional athlete you present unique challenges that are best handled by financial professionals with experience in this area.  Your public profile, significant financial success and relatively short career demand a customized approach with dedicated wealth management.  Our experience provides athletes with vital direction for planning their financial future.

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